Jimmy The Snow Plow Guy


Servicing Ashtabula Ohio

Small Driveway $10.00

Aprons $10.00


Senior Discount

Don't let the snow be a BUMMER! 

CALL ME NOW! (440) 344-3352

And Have FUN in the Snow!


Jimmy Varketta
Jimmy The Snow Plow Guy

On Call Anytime
No Contracts
Locally Owned and Operated
FULLY INSURED Commercial Truck Insurance

Paypal Payments ONLY, send to:  jvarketta@yahoo.com
Pay when you can! No Late Fees! 

Cell Phone (440) 344-3352
Email: jvarketta@yahoo.com Put "Snow Plow" in subject line.

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Snow Plow Estimate

Email me a picture of your driveway, and I'll give you a FREE ESTIMATE in an email.

Email: jvarketta@yahoo.com Put "Snow Plow Estimate" in the email subject line.

The below driveway is roughly three car lengths, roughly double wide, 12'' of snow. 

I'd would plow this driveway for $30.00.

Includes Free Orange Driveway Markers as needed! Made in Ohio!


Video that Demonstrates My Work

Here is a link to a video on YouTube that demonstrates my work. Thanks for watching!

Beginners Snow Plowing a Driveway with a Meyers Lot Pro Plow One Foot or More Lake Snow

My Work

I snow plow on an ON CALL PAY AS YOU GO BASIS ONLY. First come, first serve. You telephone me, and I'll get there as soon as possible. 

I am offering a seasonal deal, $200.00 for the rest of the 2018 season, January 2018 til Spring 2018. You can call me and have me come out and plow your driveway (same driveway) as needed. Within reason of course. First come, first serve. You telephone me, and I'll get there as soon as possible. 

No contracts.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

If you are not fully satisfied, contact me within 48 hours of plowing, and I will refund your money 100%



All snow plow jobs fully video taped for your protection!



No Salting or Sanding

I do not put down Salt or Sand.

Insurance companies charge a lot more for snow plow insurance if you salt, because it may crack paved cemented driveways. Salt melts the ice and snow, the melted water gets into the cracks, then when it refreezes, it cracks the driveway. 


Why Are My
Prices So Cheap?

My prices are cheap because I am new to snow plowing.

So, I'm sure I'll tear up some of your grass, bust up some of your even pavement, if you have a gravel driveway, the gravel gets pushed along with the snow.

So as long as don't mind a little minor damage, we are good to go! Feel free to call me in the spring and I'll plant some grass seed and do what I can to clean things up. 

Any serious damage, you may contact my insurance company.

My father said, "DON'T BREAK THE HOUSE!"


No Snow Removal

The snow must stay on your property.

This is a law in some areas.

I will push the snow to an area on your property that you designate.


I will stay three feet away from all obstacles in your driveway.


Check me out on Thumbtac.

FYI: Home Advisor WebSite

I checked into the Home Advisor website. I think they offer a great serbise, but Home Advisor wanted to charge me a fee to be listed on their website. For me to keep my prices as low as possioble, I'll be avoiding these types of websites.


Just Some Cool Truck Pictures!